Elon Musk Admits Tesla ‘Dropped the Ball’ in new Model X

Elon Musk Tesla 'Dropped the Ball' in new Model X

Elon Musk Admits Tesla ‘Dropped the Ball’ on Model X.

Elon Musk Tweet:-

In a tweet addressing the recent Model X delays, Elon Musk acknowledged that Tesla had ‘dropped the ball’ in bringing the new vehicle to market. The company had stopped production of the vehicle because demand was too high. Instead, it released an updated design for the car during its Q4 2020 earnings call. While the delay has been widely blamed on the company’s internal problems, Musk’s comments are a good reminder of why the car will finally launch.

This complexity has been the subject of some criticism from critics. This car will be not available in October this year, because of delay in production ramp of this model. As such, Musk’s comment may be timely. He has vowed to improve the design and the production process of the model, and has also pledged to improve the EV’s range and battery capacity.

Impact on Company’s Production:-

Despite its lackluster performance on the Model X, the CEO has admitted that he is to blame for the delays. A few months ago, the company announced that it would focus on production of the Model S before it launches the updated Model X. While this decision is still having an impact on the company’s production, it’s still important to note that Musk has acknowledged that he ‘dropped the ball’ on the Model X.

Twitter Response on Elon Mask Statement:-

A Twitter user posted in his recent tweet that he had been waiting for more than a year to receive his booking. And, it came out is an encouraging sign. While he doesn’t seem to be in any hurry to apologize. So, this is not the end of the world for a Tesla product. The company is already contacting those who have been holding on to a Model X Plaid delivery.

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Facing Production Issues:-

This latest model is facing a number of production issues. The Tesla has shut down production lines and is waiting for the best time to update the design. But it’s already too late to roll out the updated version, as demand for the car is still too high and production of the new one would slow down the supply of existing cars. However, the model sluggishly-made car has been a major hit with consumers.

The production of the Model X has suffered. Despite the high demand for the vehicle, Musk has admitted that his company ‘Dropped the ball’ in its phasing out of the Model X. Although the Model Y has already been delivered in a massive number of instances. And, he was not able to do the same for the ‘X’.

Elon Musk Admits Tesla 'Dropped the Ball' in new Model X

The model X’s delivery dates have been delayed for months due to the huge backlog of orders. While the new models are now available to order, the ‘Dropped the ball’ was a major disappointment for many buyers. The new model X is supposed to be a “world-class” car, and it is not. Even the steering wheel is strange.

In a drone flyover of Tesla’s factory in Fremont, the electric car’s manufacturing has been plagued by delays. According to reports, the company is unable to meet demand for the Model X. Nonetheless, the production process is moving ahead, but there is still a significant backlog of orders. It will take time to process the backlog of orders before the production of the Model X will be resumed.

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