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Hohokum Game Review 2022 – Peaceful PC Puzzler Port

Hohokum Game Review 2022 – Peaceful PC Puzzler Port

In this Hohokum Game Review 2022, we will talk about the Gameplay, the Rules and How the Game Plays, the Story and Characters, the Graphics and Performance, and our thoughts on the overall game. Read on to learn more about this game! It has been praised for its relaxing vibe, colorful art style, and soothing music. However, we will discuss some of the main criticisms of this game, as well as our overall rating.

Hohokum Game Review:-


As a non-linear puzzle game with no objective or tutorial, Hohokum has a strange, surreal aesthetic. Its minimalist art style and unique physics make it difficult to define its purpose, and the lack of clear direction is both its greatest strength and its most significant flaw. While it may lack in direction, it offers up hours of cathartic delight. The game’s aesthetics and hypnotic character movement make it a visually striking game.

The game’s presentation is also unique, with unearthly critters and purple mountains, bright yellow monuments and a gem-strewn cave. Aside from the dazzling visuals, the game also has many story-like incidents and moments. It is in the same artistic wheelhouse as Journey and Flower, but carries a more personal and emotional arc. Those who enjoy such games should be aware that Hohokum is a must-have for their gaming collection.

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Hohokum’s gameplay is equally hypnotic and bizarre. The game rewards aimless exploration and exploring, rather than completion of specific objectives. It also boasts an adorable, minimalist art style and a catchy soundtrack, which make it worth a try. The strengths of Hohokum, however, might not appeal to everyone. But it’s definitely worth playing and finding out whether this game is for you.

Rules and How it Plays:-

For those who are looking for something a little different from the usual RPG, look no further than Hohokum. While it has the same whimsical atmosphere as Candy Crush, this new game takes its concept one step further. Players can now compete in multiplayer matches and collect collectibles, as well as complete PlayStation Trophy challenges. While the game’s game play is not particularly complicated, players can get frustrated by reliving the same level over again.

The main drawback of the game is its rules, which are often too vague and do not offer any clear direction. While it’s an excellent opportunity for players to experiment and try out new ideas, the game often rewards creativity, rather than guiding players through the process step-by-step. Instead of giving players clear instructions on how to complete their quests, Hohokum lacks consistency and feedback, and can become a chore.

Game Story and Characters:-

The Hohokum game has a unique twist. Instead of a linear storyline, it is a non-linear experience in which you must touch objects and interact with them. While there are no tutorials, scores, or end game content, players can simply relax and enjoy themselves. The game’s minimalist aesthetics and relaxing pace have won over critics and gamers alike. It is a 2D adventure game that features both puzzles and adventure gameplay.

Hohokum Game Review4

The game’s story, characters, and world are whimsical and unique. You don’t need realistic graphics, guns, or skill trees to play it. The unique worlds have tons of secrets to explore. The original artwork is beautiful and full of color. The game’s soundtrack is also unique, featuring the sounds of several talented artists. The game’s soundtrack is also a unique highlight, with music by Ghostly International Records.

Those who play Hohokum will be delighted by the story. The game begins with a bunch of kite-folk stranded in a psychedelic crossroads. The player must solve the main puzzles of each level to free the kite-creatures. Once you’ve completed each level, you can head back to the central hub and complete the game. A quick example of the game’s story can be seen in the video below, but be warned: this video contains mild spoilers.

Graphics and Performance:-

The Graphics and Performance of Hohokum are both impressive. The game’s colourful art style is simplistic, with no outlines or obstructive backgrounds. The goal is to identify interactive elements and figure out what they do. The player character, a multicolored snake, is the only character with a human-like appearance. Despite its simple art style, Hohokum is still one of the most visually striking games on the PlayStation 4.

The gameplay is simple and fun, but the lack of direction can be frustrating for those who are accustomed to more complex games. The lack of direction is a problem for players who play the game for completion, but it’s great for those who love to play art games and don’t mind experimenting on their own. The lack of focus on goals is also a minor problem. It’s also easy to get lost in the haze of trying new things.

Hohokum Game Review3

Hohokum’s graphics and performance are unremarkable. The visuals don’t vary much between the platforms, though the PS4 version has the highest resolution. Besides being smoother, this version lets players zoom in and out of characters, which helps them feel more immersed in the world. The PS3 version has a lower resolution and doesn’t have zoom features, which diminishes the sense of scale.

Game Engine:-

In Hohokum, you control a serpent creature with a single, unblinking eye, and flit about colorful 2D levels like a kite. The game’s interaction mechanics are toy-like and allow you to bounce into objects, search for hidden eyes, and solve light puzzles. Some levels feature abstract shapes and a picture-book mini-scene. As a result, Hohokum is both an exciting puzzle game and an entertaining way to spend an afternoon.

In addition to the gameplay mechanics, you can enjoy an array of features, including swim through pipes full of guano, spin a ferris wheel fast, or throw fruit at a giant Baribosa. Hohokum’s diversity is one of its strongest points. You’ll have to balance a variety of tasks to complete each mission and unlock new abilities. You can learn more about the game’s design goals in our Hohokum Game Engine Review 2022.

Although Hohokum isn’t a classic RPG, fans will appreciate its unique style and whimsical nature. Its non-linear game mechanics encourage exploration and discovery, and there’s no score or time limit to complete the game. Rather, you’ll need to experiment with different objects in order to progress through the game. Its unique art style and relaxed pace have made it a hit with critics.

What is the other Platforms Release?

The 2D adventure title is no longer exclusively for PlayStation. You can now download it on Steam. The game was originally a PlayStation exclusive, but Annapurna Interactive broke that exclusivity by bringing it to PC eight years later. While Steam is a new platform for the game, Steam Deck is also a great place to play it. It plays just as well, and even looks better!

Hohokum Game Review6

The game plays like an interactive art exhibit. You control a kite-like serpent creature that flies through colorful 2D levels, solving puzzles and stumbling upon hidden eyes and other objects. Some levels feature abstract shapes while others paint a picture book mini-scene. The game is a great blend of action and puzzle, and will have you coming back for more!

The game is non-linear, with no explicit goals, timers, or tutorials. Instead, it is based on experimenting with objects and finding the perfect path. The game’s minimalist aesthetics and relaxing pace have made it popular among critics. And, unlike other puzzle games, it’s impossible to die in Hohokum, and you can’t save the creature until you complete it.

Price and Availability:-

The first game I’ll discuss in this Hohokum Game Review is the original PlayStation exclusive Hohokum. It was released on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita in 2014. Thankfully, this colorful adventure title is available on PC via Steam for only $9.99. This game is a definite must-play for those who enjoy relaxing and exploring new places. However, if you’re looking for a quick review that’ll help you decide whether or not this game is right for you, keep reading!

Hohokum Game Review7

In a nutshell, Hohokum is a puzzle game built around perception and imaginative puzzle solving. As a result, it can be challenging to complete the game. The danger of wandering around in circles is that you may find yourself in a loop and lose the peaceful atmosphere of the game. However, there are also a lot of rewards in this game, so there’s no need to worry!

Summary of Hohokum Game Review:-

The unique presentation of Hohokum sets it apart from other puzzle games. From the purple mountains to the glowing monuments to the gem-laden cave, this 2D game has something for everyone. Its vibrant colors, receptive electro beats, and story-like incidents and moments make for an entertaining and memorable experience. But if you are looking for a game with a simple but effective gameplay, Hohokum is probably not for you.

The game was developed by British video game developer Ricky Haggett and visual artist Richard Hogg, in collaboration with Sony Santa Monica. While the game lacks user reviews for the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita versions, it has 43 screenshots from the official promotional materials. However, there are no user reviews, critic reviews, or topics for this game. Despite its limited audience, its PC release may provide an opportunity for a wider fan base.

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In addition to the creatively rich environments of Hohokum, the soundtrack is as good as its visual counterparts. The sound design, with its snake-like back and school of fish, is reminiscent of the soundtracks of classic Japanese games. As a bonus, the visuals are stunning, and the game’s soundtrack fits perfectly with its unique tone. There are also some interesting characters in the game, and the world-building is a lot more varied than in other games.

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Hohokum Game Review 2022 – Peaceful PC Puzzler Port
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