Beginners Guide -How to design your website.

Beginners Guide -How to design your website.

Website is now the important component for every business. Whether it is blog, or some other business site, it benefits you and your business. It boosts sale in your business, and you can earn good revenue by posting ads on your website.

So you are going to design your first website, and you are really confused about the idea of your site. Initially, whenever someone thinks to design their website, they got confused what to do first. Because there are hundreds of choices what you are going to design and what type of source you are going to use while designing your first site. That is really confused, everyone gets confused while doing their choice paralysis.

Fallow these 6 Initial Steps while designing your website.

Selection of Niche for your website:-

Theme or idea on which you design your website called niche. Whenever you’re focusing on designing of your site, first thing that comes in your mind is what is going to be its niche.  Suppose you have a business of selling mangoes online then your website would relate to mangoes.

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If you are feeling difficulty in selection of your niche because of many ideas then we have better option for you. Write down all of your ideas on a paper and do brainstorming. After doing brainstorming on your ideas you will be confirmed on which topic you can work efficiently. Then select the best topic of your choice for your site.


Purchasing Domain Name and Hosting:-

After selecting your niche, you need to check whether your site domain name is available. If domain name in .COM format is not available for sale, or it is costly, you can also buy it in .ORG or in .NET. These domains name and hosting can be purchased by different domain name hosting providers available online. There are many providers like name cheap, GoDaddy, or host Inger and many more. You can purchase from any of them.

Choice Paralysis:-

After Conforming niche and purchasing domain for your website, now you have to confirm by using which platform you will design your site. There are many programming languages used to design website. You can use HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript or PHP for your site. It is really confusing from which platform you are designing your site. Select any of the best language you know, then start working on that programming language. Different tools used to write code for different programming language. You can easily download those tools.

If you don’t prefer programming language then don’t worry. Some other platforms are also available online, which are used to design website. By using those platforms you don’t need to learn code. In these platform you can design your site by just using drag and drop. Best platform for designing website is WordPress. WordPress can be easy to installed and handled. We would prefer you to design your site by using WordPress.

Web Based Services:-

If you are not a developer, and you can’t manage all this work, you can hire some developers online. Hire a developer for your website. He will design your best website in few hundreds of dollars. They will handle all your graphics and working of your website if you will hire them. However, there are many freelancing websites available online, you can also hire a good content writer to write quality content for your website.


DIY Method:-

DIY method stand for Do It Yourself. Best technique to design your website is do it yourself. Efforts you do in your work are not comparable to others. By doing it by yourself, you can save extra dollars which you were going to spend on those developers or freelancers. You can learn basic of WordPress in few hours. We will write on WordPress tutorial and make its video soon stay connected with our blog and YouTube Channel. If you design your site on your own then it would be easy for you to handle your site on your own in the future.


Do Modification:-

After Completing your creation check whether your website need modification or not. If yes than modify it or ask for it to your developer. Do confirmation be your site is user-friendly? Because if your site template is good it would grab more visitors. If you have designed your website by hiring any developer then try to learn basic modifying techniques. Because it would be difficult for you, if you require changing in your site again and again. And it will become costly for you, if you don’t learn basic skills.

 Apply For Google AdSense:-

If your site have good content and good number of visitors daily, then apply for Google AdSense. It will generate good revenue for you by posting user related ads on your site.

What is Google AdSense – How to make money with Google AdSense.

If you want to learn more about Website Development and how to design WordPress site, or how to but domain name or hosting then subscribe our YouTube channel. We will post our video tutorial their soon. Or, you can read our latest blogs at

Beginners Guide -How to design your website.
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